Monday, May 10, 2010


After our race in March, Stephanie and I were inspired to sign up for a big race in San Diego. We chose a race from the "Iron Girl" series for women. I chose to run the 10k, and she chose to run the 5k. A 10k is 6.2 miles, which is a distance I have been running at least once a week, so I knew it was feasible, but I wanted a good time. I found a training plan to follow, and was dedicated to it for the last 6 weeks. While I run 3-5 times a week on my own, the training plans gives different types of runs to do so that you can improve time.

We left school a little early on Friday, and Mom picked us up at our house. We had a super quick crossing at the border, and drove straight up to Del Mar, California (North side of San Diego) to where the race was happening at the racetrack and fairgrounds. We picked up our bibs (numbers), and a bunch of free goodies, checked into our hotel, and got dinner.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so we had to pick up a one-use camera to use. This means there were no re-takes on photos, no deleting of photos, and we had to wait until Sunday to see what they looked like. Keep that in mind while you look at the photos.

We arrived at the race Saturday, at 7am:
We stood around for a while, and then did some stretching:
I headed to the starting line, where the 10k race began at 7:30:
Mass of humanity:
58:50 minutes later I finished the 10k:
I get all red when I run:
We headed back to the hotel and posed in front of a statue:
Posing with our team mom, outside our hotel:

I was very, very happy about the race. I was able to control my speed well, and my legs sprang into action when I knew I needed to go faster. I achieved my goal time that I set for myself (a 9:30) mile, and out of the 779 women who raced I was better than average both in time and finishing place. And most of all - I had a really great time. I also got to eat some delicious pancakes on Sunday.


At 2:16 AM, Blogger Kelly Anne said...

Wow! That's awesome. I really want to get into running, but man, I hate it.


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