Friday, May 14, 2010


A stray dog wandered into school the other day. Most stray dogs here are gross, matted, infected, etc, and I've been taught to stay away from them. I tell others to stay away from them. Amazingly enough, the staff at our school took him to get taken care of, gave him a collar, and he now calls our school home. We are usually the first teachers to get to school in the morning, and this morning he greeted me by running around my feet happily as I entered my fifth grade classroom. It's been a long time without a cute dog around, happy to greet me. I'll admit it. I liked it.

He's been named Firulais, which apparently is the Spanish equivalent of "Fido". Although some people didn't want to name him that, our older custodian (Don Jose) took him to the vet and when the administration went to pick him up, that was the name on his tag. And the cutest thing is that when Don Jose whistles, Firelais runs after him like any good dog would. Aw. It's cute.

I wonder where he sleeps at night. Under the modular? In the children's bathroom? Under the jungle gym? In a corner somewhere?



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