Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Strange Days

The days have arrived wherein I am icing muscles after running, trying to improve my pace, drinking chocolate milk for its protein after long runs, running more than 20 miles a week, and thinking about food in terms of whether or not it will help my running. I just got back from an interval run at the gym (running really fast, then jogging, running really fast, then jogging), and my quads are yelling at me. I just got up to go get a bag of vegetables from the freezer and I thought to myself "Really? ME? Icing muscles? Even thinking the words I better ice these quads". Who IS that? These are definitely strange days.

Speaking of strange - there are only 3 and a half weeks left until the end of school, and 4 weeks exactly until my vacation with mom. I'm about to start reading The Giver with my fifth graders. It's one of my favorite books, and I'm excited to share it with them. It warmed my heart to see my fifth graders pumped up over their state reports. In fact, one girl came to me to say she was going to be gone for a week (and gone the day of the presentations) and could I please let her still do it because she was so excited about it. Made my day.

Saturday we went up to San Diego (long story), but ended up spending the afternoon on Coronado Island. What a nice break those few hours were. Usually we run around San Diego trying to get stuff done (things bought, things mailed, money deposited), so it was nice to have a short to-do list. We got to relax and enjoy the utopia that is Coronado Island.

The days are warmer, the school days seem shorter. The end is in sight.


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