Saturday, August 12, 2006

I finally bought a new camera after my old one quit working while in Mexico. This means I had a good way to put my pictures from the trip onto the computer, and onto this blog. Here are a few I took.

South Korea is underway. I've signed something, and will probably head over there in September. More on that as it comes up.

I insisted on helping to cook one night, at the Pastor's house. They always cook for us, and I insisted that I knew how to cook huevos (eggs). I began to do cook, and Sarai says "quiers un foto?", to which I replied "si, un foto con 'huevos en mexico'!"

So here it is. huevos in Mexico! As Luvia would say "mujeres en mi casa!" (women in my house!)

do not be fooled. Luis is standing on the couch, and I am not.

I'm not sure that having my feet in the picture makes the picture that great looking, but at least it's proof that I was there.

ninos locos with Geno, afternoon recess time.

I've always wanted to brush my teeth with a Diplomatic type of toothbrush, haven't you? Made in China, probably, bought in Mexico -- it's a global world of commerce, my friends.

So this is my suggestion. When painting very large pictures for VBS, you should paint while looking at the picture rightside up. EVEN if the picture has already been penciled in, do not feet a false sense of security, or your disciple will end up with googly eyes.

Inside the van, getting ready for the ride home. Osbaldo looked like a character from "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" and Diego really wanted to be in the picture.

Mexican children take great pictures.