Sunday, June 15, 2008

more photos

Let's start this off with a bang!! Here are some of my mom's pictures from California a few weeks ago. At our New Orleans-esque restaurant at Disneyland there was no place for this little number, so I wore it for a bit. I won't go into detail about me wearing this and skipping in Disneyland with my niece. That's too much for public consumption.
And here I am teaching Dana how to bother her Opa, at the San Diego zoo:

This last Friday was an eventful day. The circus was in town and so the teachers took the kids over just to look at the animals outside. They were little bundles of excitement (kids, not animals).

In fact, the animals were a bit boring. Oh well.
Then Mom and I headed over to the work site. They completed the house and had a house dedication. The mom, Julia, made us birria, the first time I've ever had it. YUM.
And just for a point of interest, the house build was 3 miles south of where we live, had a view of the ocean, with a sparsely populated neighborhood. There are two neighborhood schools. This is the smaller one: