Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's that time of year!

I love this time of year. It seems the weather has turned early into fall. Usually in Portland it's hot all through August with very little rain and the warm weather continues through September. I have memories as a child of sitting in very, very warm classrooms when school started. And a lot of times the warm, sunny weather will continue through the first part of October. But, guaranteed, it will most likely rain on Halloween.

Well, a week or so ago we had a lot of rain, and even a thunderstorm, which is unusual in Portland. And ever since, even when it's been warm, the air feels different. Even yesterday it was pretty warm, but there was a cool breeze in the air. That crisp air of autumn is already on us.

In other news, I babysat for someone semi-famous last night. Famous enough that when he introduced himself at the door I knew exactly he who was. I had had his wife's name and didn't think anything of it, but when I met him it immediately clicked in my head. Much more settling than the time I babysat for another famous person and I could just TELL she was a musician but I couldn't place who she was and I had to look it up when I got home.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why not?

I figure I might as well write some stuff on here, although I'm thinking maybe about 2 people will read it. We'll see :) I start substitute teaching in the fall, and i realized there might be some really funny material in that. I'm nervous about doing it, but excited to get back into schools, and into the classroom to brush up on my ability to herd children. Because essentially isn't that what subbing is about? Herding? Well, we'll all know soon.

Along with that I'll most likely be doing some nanny jobs at night or on the weekends to bring in more money. Hopefully that works out. I've been doing the nanny gig this summer and trying to work like mad so it seems this summer can be titled "Summer 'O Work 2008" or "Summer Have No Life 2008" or "Summer Drive-A-Lot 2008". But it's not ALL bad. Friday night a 4 year old girl said to me "See those round things on the counter, sitting there?" I replied, "Yes, those are nectarines". But she offered more insight, "They look like butts". And there you have it people, nectarines look like butts and the amount of intelligent conversation I've had this summer could probably be represented in that exchange.

Everyone's crazy about the Olympics and while I'm interested, the timing of airing the events seems odd to me. While I understand that the East Coast is getting the feed live, I'm not quite sure why NBC has decided that the West Coast can't handle the events until THREE HOURS LATER. Oh well. That means I've missed most of the first week of events, though I usually tend to get a recap and catch all the important things like how Michael Phelps is the only athlete at the games this year. Just kidding... kinda. Last night was probably the most fun to watch, as the women's marathon was intriguing to watch, Usain Bolt is insane, and Phelps won his eighth medal. I almost did tear up for that last one. I admit it.

In a couple of weeks I'm moving into a house with a married couple and their toddler. I'm sure this will also provide material for this blog, as Ella, the daughter, is about a year and a half and cute as a button. They mentioned me speaking Spanish to her. I can do that. And Ella will grow up knowing bad grammar in Spanish. But, that's cool. The room I will rent is nice, has its own bathroom, etc. Probably the best part is that the house is walking/ biking distance to both the library AND the fabric store I love. Double score.

The job I had Friday night and last night severely screwed up my sleep schedule. So getting up this morning to go running... I planned on going back to sleep afterward but it didn't take. So I'm not operating on very much sleep. In other good news, the alarm on my car is having problems and I need to take it in this morning so I can have a functioning vehicle. Good times!