Monday, May 04, 2009

Wolverine and being a mommy

Two fun conversations in the past week.

Last Friday I babysat a boy and girl. This was the second time I've had them in two weeks. The mom flies down to Sacramento for the day to look at houses. I pick up the kids at daycare at 5pm, take them home, make dinner, play, put them to bed. Friday I was extremely late (an hour) because of a wreck on I-5. Fun times. Anyway, as I packed them into my car, the 4 year old boy asks if I have kids.

Me: No, I don't have any kids.
Boy: Did they die?
Me: No, they did not die. I've never had kids. I think I might want kids someday. Do you think I could do that? Do you think I could be an okay mommy?
6 year old girl: well, you need to know things to be a mommy.
Me: Really? Like what do I need to know?
Girl: Well, you need to know what to feed them.
Me: Do you mean what is healthy for them, or what food they like?
Girl: What is healthy for them.

It was just a really cute conversation.

Today I had a very squirrely, chatty group of 2nd graders. I can't recall one single moment of silence throughout the day. Just as I would think I had everyone's attention, I would have one student at my left side, asking me a question, and while I asked him to wait, the other kids would start talking. Vicious cycle!

All that to say that I had one boy who, during writing, could not stop putting colored pencils between his knuckles, like Wolverine. I repeatedly asked him to put the pencils down and start working on his writing. He would, and then pick them up again. Finally, I just had to say "_____, becoming Wolverine is not one of your options today. It is writing time. Get to work." Sometimes I just have to give myself a laugh, just to make it through the day. Mostly because Ms. Scott used her angry teacher voice a lot today.