Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here we are again

We're just going to do pictures. I don't want to tell you every single detail about the trip.

Hannah and Dana (my nieces) with their new mouse ears:
In Toon Town

Oma, Rinda, and Dana on the train
Hannah and Opa on the train

mmmm mickey mouse ice cream
Waiting for the parade
Pirate girl (?)
Pirate girl version 2.0
Joel and Hannah
Waiting for the parade
San Diego Zoo
I didn't take my camera to the Zoo. I don't know why. I don't like zoos much anyway and I wasn't that impressed with the SD zoo. Highlights- Some flirting peacock, a skyview tram ride, it rained, we ate ice cream, and on and on. Also our tour guide on the bus tour was pretty funny.

Ah. Home again, home again, jiggity jig. For more information about what happens in Mexico: http://www.welcomehomeoutreach.org

Can you find Hannah? She loved being with the kids. She wanted us to leave her alone. Nevermind a language barrier, the girl absolutely loved it.

Dana with Teacher Geno.

In the classroom.
Dad, Dustin (the current intern at Welcome Home), and I went to see part of the Baja 500, a (mostly) off-road race for dirt bikes, quads, and cars that look like the one below. It's a big deal. It starts in Ensenada where they have a couple days of partying and goes east to San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez, then south west toward us, then over to San Vicente, which is an hour north of where we are in the Baja. We went to sit and watch some of them pass by this part. You can see the ocean behind this car. Oh! And the helicopter. Some of the cars have their own helicopters that follow them.

Our friend Angel insisted we stop this vaquero and ask if I could sit and pose on his horse.Free time activities: sewing.
Fresh strawberries. The daycare's cleaning lady, Saidel, her family picks or packs strawberries and she brought in a bunch of fresh ones for the daycare, and gave a pack to our family. Fresh from the source!
The view on the south side of town, looking south.

We have a small group here this week, building a house 3 miles south of town. The family we are building for is not around (they rent in another part of town), but the neighborhood kids have been around. This guy followed me around the first morning and insisted that I hold him a lot. He became my little friend and came to hold my hand as soon as I got out of the truck this morning. I like him :)
more to come someday?