Sunday, October 04, 2009

Que tal?

Yeah. It's been a long time since I've written here. Just for an update: I am teaching at a private bilingual school here in Baja, in Ensenada. I teach third grade in the mornings and fifth grade in the afternoon. This last month has been incredibly busy and I've been learning a lot. There are five American English teachers, and I live with two of them. One of them is Stephanie, who I went to Korea with, and who I've now known for 7 (7!!!!) years.

Now life is mostly the daily grind. Teaching is exhausting, but we are finding time to go to San Diego and bum around Ensenada for fun. I've been "home", to Mom and Dad's twice and will be back soon. My 91-year-old grandma is coming to visit!

I guess I can share that the best thing that has happened thus far happened just this last Friday. My fifth graders have been studying weather in Science. We've been talking about the distinguishing features of clouds. Friday, before school started, I had about 6 fifth graders run up to me and tell me about the clouds they saw in the sky. We then proceeded to check out all the clouds and try to name them, identifying different characteristics. My heart was very warm at that moment and I decided right then that maybe this teaching thing will work out. :)