Friday, August 10, 2007

The end!

I forgot to wrap this up! These couple of pictures a friend took when we were at the beach toward the beginning of July. This is Pastor Pedro's family, and a family that I consider as kind of my Mexican family. Their door is always open and I love hanging out with them. They're wonderful.

The night before I left Mexico we got together "the gang" from church, went to the beach, played futbol, ate food, and just talked and hung out.

I left Mexico on July 27th, and left San Diego on July 28th. I drove from this:

to this:
And saw these cuties in between:
In L.A. I got to stay in a super swanky hotel, courtesy of a friend's brother who works at the hotel. Awesome!

And now I'm home in Oregon! And I'm here for good, which feels really weird to say. So I don't know about this blog, because I'm not gone anymore!

(yes, Renee, I got a new camera- it's cute!)